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        Photography came into my life in 2011, when a project for a mixed media class titled “people in your life” was assigned I grabbed my sister, her friend, and two poorly made (and now cringe worthy) tutus and headed to an abandoned building. It was through this shoot and my sisters reaction to the photos that I realized this was something bigger than a school assignment.

        When asked what I love most about my job, the obvious answers of meeting new people, being apart of the biggest moment in a couples life and the bomb wedding cake I always get to eat all stand true. However, it’s the reaction of the couple seeing themself (and how well they’re connection is conveyed through a photo) on the back of the camera during our shoot that brings me the most joy.

        I take what I do very seriously, but at the end of the day these photos and this day are for the two fo you, and no one else. I strive to create a relaxed, effortless and fun day for you and your loved ones because the only thing that you guys should be concerned about is getting married and enjoying the awesome party that you paid a lot of money for!


        +photos taken by kassidy mcconville photography


        Do you travel?

        Do we get all the rights to our photos?

        Do you have a time limitation?

        How many photos do we get back?

        How long do our photos take to come back?


        Uh, absolutely! Travel fees are just to be paid by you. I am super flexible and understand there are different situations so just let me know and we will work something out! Travel fees don't apply for 50 mile radius.